Artella partners with CTN to create the show opening film

By: Bobby Beck, Tim Rudder & Tina Price

Bobby: About 8 months back I approached Tina Price, founder of the CTN animation expo, to see if she would consider having the Artella community make an original animated short film to kickoff the 2016 conference. She was incredibly supportive of the idea so we went to work.The core of Artella is in bringing talent together from all over the world to make animated content remotely from concept to completion. We wanted to make sure the project was directed and homegrown with talent from the community instead of having it being driven by one of the founders of Artella. This would allow the project to develop as the platform was intended; organically. I pitched the idea of a partnership piece for CTN to a few people and Tim Rudder jumped at the opportunity and quickly came up with an exciting idea. I’m a big fan of Tim’s work and spirit and it’s been amazing to see how he’s put together and led such an outstanding team to make something inspirational that embodies the diversity and creativity that both CTN and Artella are all about.

Tim: Working on this project has been an amazing experience. We’ve managed to build an incredibly talented team across 12 countries and 16 time zones, all working through the Artella pipeline to bring an idea to life. The motivation and drive brought to the short by each individual is taking it far beyond what Bobby and I originally envisioned and it’s inspiring to witness collaboration unfold in this way.Together we hope to create something that is not only a visual feast, but also embraces the core reason CTN brings together a diverse group of people from all over the world; i.e. our shared passion for delving into the depths of imagination and making those worlds a reality for others to enjoy.

Tina: With CTN’s long history of “Putting the Talent Center Stage”, when Bobby approached me to kick off  this year’s expo with a short piece of animation from the Artella community I was all in.  I explained our theme for this years event,  “Forces of Mass Creativity” and I immediately got swept away into a super creative and collaborative journey through Artella.  But the most exciting part was seeing the various stages all come together from the many voices  around the world speaking as one.I am very honored and excited to open this year’s CTN animation eXpo with Artella’s presentation of, “Duel”.Bobby: We are proud to have Artella represent this incredible exposition of artistic talent

.———-Be sure to check out CTN Animation Expo in Burbank this November 18th – 20th.

DUEL will be Premiering as the show opener Friday, November 18th at 11:30 AM in the main theatre and a, “Making of DUEL” panel with the director and crew members on Sunday at 10 AM at Talent-opolis Center Stage. We hope to see you there!