Project Spotlight: Solstice


How many times have you tried to start a project with some friends and it stayed in a drawer? Perhaps, if it had come true, it would have gone far, or, at the very least, it would have been a great learning experience.

Starting with an idea is a good step, but bring it from an idea into a reality is another story? From our experience, we have discovered three key area that have really helped us take our idea and bring it to life.


1. The right partner

The first key is to partner with someone who complements you. In my case, as an artist, I teamed up with an executive producer which allowed me to focus on the artistic direction of our project, Solstice while he took care of everything necessary to carry it out.

In our case it has worked perfectly and we have managed to motivate more than 80 collaborators, a conductor of symphonic orchestra with more than 60 musicians, a singer who plays the main theme, people who have worked for greats like Pixar, Disney, DreamWorks, etc. And all of this, all this talent that surrounds us, united with the same goal and accompanied by Artella that supports the project. In our case, having a strong partnership has made this all possible.


2. The right moment

I believe in coincidence. But nearly all successes are brought to life with a clear, well executed strategy and a little bit of luck. That is why we have always seen the value of opportunism; knowing when the right moment is and acting upon it.

Throwing yourself into a new adventure is not always easy. However, it can help you discover new challenges, teach you how things work and ultimately to make fewer mistakes the next time. It may not end as you had hoped and this may be a fear that prevents you from starting and thus putting your project back in the drawer, or this fear can motivate you to push yourself to higher expectations and go for it.

We have waited a long time to get to this point, we know more about the industry and now, with more people on the team and a clearer idea of ​​our goal, we have raised the anchor.

In spite of all the challenges and doubts we have set sail on this incredible adventure of making a film and the right moment to make this happen is now!


3. Spreading the word

If you have a great project but nobody knows about it, you have nothing.

Communication is imperative and to do this you need to dedicate the same amount effort you put into your project as you do to make it known by others – and this will excite people to want to work on it, too.

You won’t have the opportunity to collaborate with other artists or producers alone, you have to entice them with your most sacred weapon: your project.

Be active in social networks, prepare a dossier each week with updated images, summarize the idea with catchy phrases that you refine each week, and engage the team in the most important decisions along the way.


It is important to publicize the creative process, to build expectation and interest so that people want to see what you’re doing and know more of your work.

We hope these tips help you out and we hope you enjoy seeing some of the progress behind our project Solstice. Thanks!

By: Emilio Enigma director of, Solstice on Artella