We’ve partnered with Sketchfab to bring you an original VR experience


Earlier this week we released the ability to embed Sketchfab into any post in Artella. Today we are proud to announce that we’ve extended that relationship into a partnership. In doing so we are creating an original VR experience that bridges our two communities together. Modelers, riggers and environmental artists from Sketchfab and the Director, animators and sound designer/composer from the Artella community.

This is a terrific opportunity to push the VR capabilities of Sketchfab while also enabling the power of collaborative animation production via Artella and ultimately encourage others to do the same by following along with our project as we learn together how to create animated experiences optimized for as many devices as possible. So stay tuned for more news and sneak peeks along the way of this 8-week production due out May 1st!

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