High Fidelity uses Artella to complete 200 assets in record time

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Article by: Bobby Beck

High Fidelity came to us with a plan for working with the Artella community to leverage the talent of great artists from all over the world to create over 200+ assets for their virtual world. Artella was used to manage the files, versioning, reviews and to track the work so that the artists would be paid for their contributions.

We talked with Ozan Serim at High Fidelity to learn more about this project and to share his experience and learning with you in the interview below.

You recently used Artella to complete 200 assets for your asset store for the High Fidelity community. Can you tell us a little about your project and why you chose Artella?

High Fidelity:
We’re just beginning to build out our marketplace for High Fidelity. We want to engage with artists we think would enjoy seeing their products used in a 3D environment. One of our first projects was the creation of an in-world avatar store where users can buy wearable props using the High Fidelity currency, called HFC.

For the store, we wanted to quickly build a collection of high quality wearables to offer our users. We looked to Artella first because we’ve worked with the community in the past on special projects and 3D content hackathons. We love the app and the asset production quality. We posted a project on the site and invited artists to contribute. Within days, we had a team of talented artists working with us.

What aspects of Artella did you use on the project?

High Fidelity:
We used Artella to connect with the community and host the assets. We reviewed artist portfolios, sent out invites and then communicated directly with them on the platform. Once we agreed to a working contract with the artists, we used the Artella file management pipeline and features to host the delivered assets and iterate on fix requests.

What do you have planned next?

High Fidelity:
We planned to complete 200 props and accomplished it pretty quickly. The results are great. The assets all have the geometry with physically based materials that we need for VR. They look great in High Fidelity. The artists have been enthusiastic to continue working on props. The High Fidelity team is so happy with the results, we are planning to continue building more wearables and using Artella as the delivery platform.

About High Fidelity: High Fidelity is an open source platform for building and exploring in virtual reality. Co-founded by Philip Rosedale, founder of the world renowned platform, Second Life. You can learn more about High Fidelity here.

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